IFA Educational Services

Our Seminars and Workshops are designed to educate...

IFA Educational Services was established in order to provide the necessary information for people to make important financial decisions on a variety of topics including Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, College Funding, Investment Planning and Long-Term Care.

We offer in-house seminars open to the public and we partner with community colleges, adult education programs and various community organizations in order to reach a large audience with the most current financial topics.

Corporate Workshops
Workers often make bad decisions or no decisions at all, concerning  financial milestones such as retirement, college funding and long-term care needs.  When it comes to retirement plans, the Wall Street Journal states that “Some companies have become so concerned about their employees’ poor decision-making that they are shifting responsibility away from them.” 

In response to those concerns, we at IFA Wealth have developed a series of workshops to enhance employees' understanding of financial matters that will affect their lives.  


Community Services
Our advisors are available to speak at meetings of professional organizations, community organizations and PTA/PTO's.   


Following are brief descriptions of some of our workshops.

Taxes and inflation make it difficult for people to save enough money for a comfortable retirement.  This workshop helps educate participants about the importance of planning now for their retirement and provides answers to questions regarding 401(k) plans.  It includes:

  • The Cost of Retirement
  • Retirement Obstacles
  • How 401(k) Plans Work
  • Investing Your 401(k) Funds

Although sound tax-reduction strategies can provide  substantial savings, many people are not aware of strategies and tax breaks that can help them keep more of their income.  This workshop provides essential tax information:

  • How Much Do You Owe?
  • Tax Filing Reminders
  • Tax-Favored Investing and Saving
  • Tax Planning Opportunities

Retirees have special needs.  This workshop helps participants identify their needs, evaluate solutions and learn how to determine their risk tolerance.  It covers:

  • Taxes and inflation
  • Managing Investments
  • Outliving Your Retirement Income
  • Typical Retirement Dilemmas

Many families are financially unprepared when their children are ready for college because they did not start early and save enough.  Participants in this workshop can look for advice to help them prepare for this important financial milestone.  Topics include:

·  Costs and Benefits of a College Education

·  Sources of College Funding

·  College Funding Options

·  Investment Considerations

·  Strategies

This workshop dispels common misconceptions, such a "It will never happen to me" and "Medicare will pay for it" and examines the peril of relying on family members for care.  It includes:

  • Need for Long-Term Care Coverage
  • Common Misconceptions
  • What Are Your Options?
  • Recent Long-Term Care Developments

For questions about our educational services or to request a speaker, please call Hal Reynolds at (540)776-3343.